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by | Jan 24, 2023 | Blog posts

If trying to figure out how to name your B2B blog makes you break into a cold sweat, just know — you’re not the only one.

Finding a name for your blog that’s both reflective of your brand and super sticky in the mind of your reader can feel impossible,  especially when it seems like everyone else has already nailed it. But you’re not alone.

There are hundreds of B2B blogs out there offering major name inspo, and we’re here to delve into why they work and how you can replicate that success. So if you’re ready to stop stressing and start brainstorming, let’s go!

Here’s what we’ll cover

What’s the actual point of naming a B2B blog?

With over 600 million blogs on the web, sticking out and drawing people in is crucial. 

Not to mention, the SaaS market is maturing in a big way. As competition rises, B2B consumers are behaving more and more like B2C consumers — researching a brand’s products, competitors, and values long before they schedule a demo. 

For high-growth B2B brands, this means everything from your product features to your employee benefits package is under scrutiny. 

As B2B buyers become increasingly discerning, you need to level up your content marketing to win their attention and their business. But how?

It all starts with an eye-catching blog or resource center that B2B readers actually want to click on. Before you start writing top-notch content, you need a name that makes a big impression. 

And because 80% of content marketers say that brand awareness is the most crucial digital marketing goal, you need a name that sticks. 

Bad blog names are not only confusing, they’re hard to remember, tough to spell, and difficult for your audience to share — pretty much the opposite of the educational, demand-generating goal you’re gunning for. 

No one said standing out from the crowd is easy, but it might just be the difference between popularity and obscurity. So how do you nail it?

What are some examples of B2B blog names that are doing it right?

Got blog name envy? Us too.

Here are some of the best branded B2B blogs that are doing it right:

1. The Hero Blog by PPC Hero

PPC Hero specializes in, you guessed it, paid-per-click (PPC) advertising. And their blog name encapsulates that mission perfectly. It’s snappy, approachable, and speaks for itself. And by teaching readers how to leverage specific aspects of PPC like mobile, social, and search, they live up to the “hero” bit in our book. 🦸🏻‍♀️

If there’s a direct connection between your brand’s name and your customer’s journey, PPC Hero’s eponymous blog name proves that sometimes the most obvious route actually is the best one.

The Hero Blog even has its own Twitter account with nearly 35K followers!

2. Raisin Bread by MarketerHire

With a name that’s catchy, twee, and on-target, Raisin Bread is a blog (and newsletter!) you won’t soon forget. 

Replete with playful puns like “baked by MarketerHire” and tongue-in-cheek CTA’s about “missing a slice”, MarketerHire’s blog name gimmick works because it aligns with a core audience motivator and is implemented extremely consistently across brand channels. 💯

3. Revenue Intelligence Blog by Gong

While Gong itself has what is probably one of the best B2B brand names of all time, the brand’s Revenue Intelligence Blog is simple and direct. It also isn’t shy about its status as the #1 data-backed sales blog on the web. 

With incredibly detailed yet approachable content and a treasure trove of easy-to-implement info, this blog name proves that often simple is best.

4. The 360 Blog by Salesforce

With a title that’s punchy and big-picture, the 360 Blog by Salesforce offers reliable guidance for business trailblazers. 

When consumers asked “Why The 360?,” Salesforce explained the ethos behind the name: “We are invested in understanding all 360 degrees of the challenges that keep leaders like you up at night.”

Because the blog caters to audiences from a variety of industries from sales and marketing to healthcare and government, “360” is a direct nod to its wide range of interests and topic material. Clever, right?

5. { grow } by Mark Schaefer

The { grow } or BusinessesGrow blog offers approachable B2B content from blogrunner Mark Schaefer, an industry thought leader with decades of actionable advice to spare. 

Fusing a powerful noun with a dynamic verb, the BusinessesGrow blog makes good on the promise of its name by offering accessible breakdowns of industry trends, helping your business soar to new heights. BusinessesGrow is another powerful example that proves your blog’s name doesn’t have to be flashy to be effective.

6. Making Sense of Cents

While this one is technically a personal finance blog and not B2B, we just can’t resist this name. 

It’s punny, clever, and above all, memorable. Making Sense of Cents lets potential readers know exactly what to expect from their blog, while still keeping it fresh and fun.

Blogrunner Michelle writes about her journey towards financial freedom, offering helpful tips for paying off debt, mastering taxes, transitioning from a 9-to-5 to freelance, and making big blogging bucks. And her blog name reflects that mission perfectly (and imaginatively). 💵

What do they all have in common?

So what do all of these aptly-named blogs have in common? 

Let’s get into the core elements of what makes a blog name great.

A name that sticks

Short, snappy names that use concrete language are easy to remember and fun to say. The 360 Blog and PPC Hero let you know what they’re about in a word (or two), making them easy to recall and share — not to mention easy to type into the search bar.

Other names like Raisin Bread and Making Sense of Cents stay sticky with playful language that worms its way into your ear like a catchy pop song.

Short and sweet

Take a note from these B2B superstars and keep your blog name short when it comes to letters and syllables. If your blog is too much of a mouthful, readers won’t bother to say it. And that means they’re probably less likely to share it too.

I know we’ve said it, but it still bears repeating: shorter = easier to spell, remember, and market. 

There’s a reason social media sites have character limits. Whatever you do with your blog name, aim to keep it to two to three words or approximately 15-20 characters.

Great blog names are both aspirational and self-evident

Take a look back at those branded B2B blog names. As soon as you read the titles, you already have a pretty good idea what the content will be about. And that’s the goal.

Choose a title that fits your target audience and hints at your aspirations. If you aim to write serious thinkpieces on finance, a name like the “BigBaller Blog ” probably won’t do you any favors. Consider your initial focus, but also think about how your brand may evolve and grow over time.

What are some ways to come up with a catchy name for your B2B blog?

Ready to roll up those sleeves and name your B2B blog? Here are a few more bonus tips to guide you through the name game.

Hit the books

Reading is a great way to get your creative juices flowing. It not only strengthens your brain, it also heightens your ability to empathize. And believe it or not, empathy is key when it comes to picking a blog name.

When naming a blog, you have to think about what that name signifies to your readers and whether or not it genuinely piques their interest.

Hitting the books can also help you find words or phrases that instantly grab your attention. So grab your favorite novel or memoir and keep your eyes peeled for catchy turns of phrase you can repurpose. Remember, inspiration can come from anywhere!

Crack open your thesaurus

Just like new pet parents use baby name books to choose a name for their most precious furbabies, new blog parents should consult their handy thesaurus for inspiration. 

If you have a general topic or blog theme in mind, but can’t decide exactly which words to use, a thesaurus is your best friend. For example, if you’re looking for synonyms for “money” for your finance blog, synonyms like cash, moolah, or bucks might help you bust through your writer’s block.

But if you’re truly lost when it comes to naming your blog baby, you might want to reach for a dictionary. It’s an easy way to kickstart your imagination as you discover new words and new ideas.

Revisit those ol’ literary devices

When it comes to memorable words, take a page out of the poet’s playbook and use literary language. While it may seem stuffy and boring, techniques like alliteration are actually timeless when executed well.

From Best Buy to Coca-Cola, memorable brands have names that stick around for generations. Take notes and come up with your own alliterative blog title. Just make sure all of the words start with the same letter, and you’re halfway to Dunkin’ Donuts fame. 😉

Get punny with your blog name

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, puns are memorable. Even if they make you roll your eyes a little, they have a way of staying with you. 

When it comes to picking a pun for your blog name, stick to well-known phrases and incorporate language from your industry niche. The Making Sense of Cents blog is a perfect example of a punny blog name done right.

Put your brand name on it

When puns miss the mark and the literary devices just aren’t flowing, don’t be afraid to name your blog after your brand.

While it may seem a little self-important, using your own name to market your services is kind of genius when you think about it. This hack is especially helpful if you have a unique or uncommon name.

Use a little lingo

Another good way to come up with an apt blog title is to revisit your blog’s niche and think about the specific language insiders use. Gong’s Revenue Intelligence Blog is a great example of this.

For a pitch-perfect name, aim to align your lingo-friendly blog title to your core content themes.

Don’t be afraid to make words up

Made up words, or neologisms (how’s that for a 50¢ word?), are the most distinctive and striking way to name a B2B blog. Think about it — some of the biggest companies in the world (like Google and Xerox) have names that make no sense when taken out of context.

Making up a totally new name for your blog gives you complete control over your brand image and helps you deepen your relationship with prospects across the buyer’s journey. 

While it can be a gamble, a truly great blog name is almost always worth the risk.

Use a blog name generator

If you really can’t come up with anything and your mental energy is exhausted, try a blog name generator like this one from Namify or this one from Wix

All you have to do is type in a keyword or two and the blog name generator will instantly surface dozens of funky word combos and blog name options to get your wheels turning. 

It may seem like a bit of a cop-out, but name generator is a useful tool for anyone struggling with a serious case of blog-namer’s block.

Create a click-worthy blog name 

There’s no two ways about it — choosing the perfect blog name is intimidating. Especially with so much competition clogging the airways. 

But whether you plan to align with core audience motivators or simply tell your story in one powerful word, there are loads of routes to finding the perfect name — from clever puns to keeping it simple with your own brand name. 

And the best part? You can have fun trying.

So long as you’re consistent with branding and clearly show the reason behind your choice, when it comes to choosing the perfect name for your B2B blog, the sky’s the limit.

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