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Who We Are

At Pointed, we write irresistibly relevant content that makes complex topics fun to read. Our clients are disruptive brands who want and deserve to grow. To help them do that, we provide high-quality copywriting and content strategy services that combine the best of classic copywriting formulas, customer-led messaging, and good ol’ fashioned creativity.

What We Do

Call us corny, but we believe in a world where every kind of buyer has the information they need to make the best possible choice about the products and services they use. A world where the bottlenecks (read: bullsh*t) plaguing traditional business and marketing models are replaced by consumer-driven solutions that help more people live their best lives.

Ready to kill the fluff and build a real connection between brands and customers?

Send your best B2B samples to or apply here now.


  • Research like a desktop detective, pinpointing the most relevant trends and giving proper accreditation to credible sources
  • Write content that cuts through the noise to clearly and directly support the one main message of each piece
  • Self-edit like a sober Hemingway to ensure voice, grammar and style are always on point
  • Make recommendations to the Content Editor for content topics, workflow optimization and anything else you notice that can help us step up our game
  • Be an advocate for the reader—always address their real-life fears and wants


  • Write content readers and clients LOVE
  • Submit ace-quality content that’s a breeze to edit
  • Never miss a deadline

The Perks

Nothing against office workers, but at Pointed, we flatly reject the punch-clock promise. Here’s what you get when you work with us.

Set your own schedule.

Work wherever and whenever you want. As long as you switch on and give us your best, we don’t care whether you wake up at noon or like to write pantsless.

Supportive team.

We’ll teach you everything we’ve learned about building a successful freelance business from years of working for multi-million-dollar startups and Fortune 10 brands.

No bull, no bureaucracy.

“Because I said so” is never a reason. We’ll help you become the best writer you can be through direct, open feedback most people are too scared or lazy to deliver.

Make a difference.

Our clients actually care about how their services and products impact the world. We will never ask you to write for a brand that has questionable ethics (sorry, digital casinos and credit card companies).

Equality matters!

We’re committed to hiring people who add value to our team through different experiences and perspectives. Bottom line: equality matters. 

And inclusion matters, too. 

It’s crucial that every member of the team feels comfortable enough to show up and be themselves. As one of the first conscious copywriting agencies, we stand in solidarity with people of color, people with disabilities, members of the LGBTQ community and all minority groups. And we believe any brand that doesn’t is missing the mark.

If you’re a member of an underrepresented community and you know you’d be perfect for this role, please reach out at:

But don’t take our word for it…

There’s literally never a dull moment with Brittany and the Pointed Team. The energy is infectious, and every project reflects Pointed’s conscious, mission-driven vibe. It’s a zero-fuss, maximum hilarity workplace, that puts quality over quantity every time—and as a freelancer, the support you get is second to none.

Maddy B.

As a freelancer, it’s easy to feel like one more cog in the wheel. But with Pointed, it’s a totally different experience. Here you feel you are on a mission. The team always aims to get your buy-in, simply by being transparent and honest. You always feel heard.

Dozie A.

At Pointed, no matter what processes or systems we put in place to optimize our work, it’s never at the cost of our humanity. It’s like there some hidden ‘stay awesome’ filter that every initiative goes through before making it part of our workflow.

Andrew B.

How to Apply

We don’t give a sh*t about resumes, but we’d love to see your work.

Here are a few examples of the type of content we’re looking for:

Hit the button below and/or send your top 3 samples to:

Ready for a freelance career you love?

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